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Journal 9: Fans

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

The science fiction genre has always had a large fan base and is one of the highest grossing genres spanning television, film, music, art, literature, and even the video game world. But what is it about this genre that people find to be so irresistible? I would venture to say that it is the hope for possibility that makes this genre so popular. From space exploration, to first contact, to world domination, to romantic vampires, to intelligent life other than the human race, we find science fiction to be interesting to us because it challenges our minds to believe in something greater than us.  We all have our favorites, whether we choose to admit to them or not. But those of us who are true fans are proud to share our favorites with others and often find and confort in unity in our passion for these stories and characters/creatures. I find the unity in a fan base to be quite an interesting concept. If you think about it, there are often many different reasons why followers are passionate about any specific work. Though their own perceptions may not match those of the others around them, when they find others who are also passionate about the same work, even if for different reasons, they instantly form a bond. The stronger and broader the fan base, the more support they bring to their passion. In turn the more passionate fans a specific work has the better it does economically and the more they can produce from that work. Fans either unknowingly or knowingly help to perpetuate a cycle that in turn gives them more of what they want. The concept of the fan base can also be manipulated too.

We all have heard of those die-hard fans who riot and cause an uproar when something does not go according to plan, or even they way they expected for them to go. In fact, there are many television shows that have either been canceled or rebooted due to the fanbase’s response to certain choices. In many ways the fate of the entire cast including the writers and producers all rests in the fan’s hands. On the other hand, fans must be considered when producing a work. If the creator does not create with the fans in mind the work will inevitable suffer. As a fan myself it is interest to consider just how much power we actually do have. Though I may not be a die hard fan like so many others, I have always been a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Now that you know how much power you actually have, I encourage you to use it wisely.

Its been a great semester and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this course with each of you.


Ashley A. Gaston

Self-proclaimed President of The Dune Forever: Save the Sand Worms Official Club