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Extra Credit: The Hunger Games

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

The Hunger Games is a captivating book series written by hit author Suzanne Collins. This spellbinding series has won Collins acclaim, not only in her very large and growing fan base but also, in the science fiction community as a whole. This intense series is base on an interesting plot line filled with suspense and lots of brutal violence. In the first book of the popular trilogy, a dystopian society, made up of twelve districts must hold to tradition and partake in the annual “Hunger Games.” The rules state that one male and one female child, ranging from ages 12-18, must be selected from each area to represent their district in brutal fight to the death. Only one survivor will come out of the battle royal alive and he/she earns a large supply of food for their district. The story begins with the introduction of the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, and continues as she progresses through the dangerous challenge to come out on top. Though I do not wish to spoil too much of this truly mesmerizing story I will tell you that in the end there are two tributes come out alive, leaving the story open and ready for the next film in the series.

Unlike many of my fellow Hunger Games moviegoers, I went to the film without preciously reading any of the books. Other than a bit of background information provided to me by my good friend and intense Hunger Games fan, Tiffany, I had no prior knowledge of the book or what the storyline entailed. I feel that going into the film blindly allowed me to really focus on the plot and how the film portrayed the characters. Having said this, I must admit that the film was actually pretty good. The special effects were on point and I found the plot to be quite interesting.

Though the overall movie was quite interesting, I must note that it was very violent. Characters die by spears, have their necks broken, or even burned alive, though, thanks to good editing, the most gruesome shots do not last very long. Despite the high body count, The Hunger Games makes a great critique of reality TV, totalitarian government, and even screen violence as a sign of entertainment. However, I would say that the part that I found to be the most interesting was the entire concept of the Carnival-esque Society. The film really brought this element to life through the depiction of Effie and her whimsical, hot-pink style choices. Also the main city, Capitol, where the actual games takes place, is portrayed as a harlequinade society. This is apparent in the fashion choices of its residence and even the modern carnival inspired architecture, which incorporates lots of sharp points and sleek edges.

Over all, I would say that I really enjoyed the movie and the fact that it is still on top at the box office certainly shows that it is a great movie. I would recommend that those who read the books definitely go see it but also that anyone who enjoys science fiction as well. I do feel, however, that this film is not intended for young eyes, the violence and blood is too much for little minds to comprehend. However, those who do see the movie and are of sufficient age will certainly enjoy it. I know that I did and I have even made a plan to read the books over the summer.

Review of The Hunger Games movie

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

I went to see the Hunger Games movie on the 22nd at midnight. I bought my tickets almost a month in advance. Needless to say, I was incredibly excited. I had read all the books in the trilogy a year ago.

Here are my thoughts on the movie: I thought it was excellent. I liked the camera style, making it like a documentary although it did get incredibly bumpy at some points. They did make some changes, such as leaving out the avox, Madge, and Katniss wounding her ear. I don’t know if they will touch on the ear thing or the avox in the next movie.

One thing that I think they did better in the movie then they did in the book is foreshadowing the conflicts that come up in the later books. The way they presented the Capitol, especially President Snow, was spot on. I really liked that they included the game makers manipulating the game. It showed that to them, the main goal of the game was to put on a good show and kill the tributes. The movie also put more emphasis on President Snow’s dislike of District 12 and Katniss. Seneca Crane being killed in the end was a nice touch, as we know it happens in the book but I liked how Snow did it with the berries.

The scene with District 11 rioting after Rue’s death was also a good addition, in my opinion. Once again it foreshadowed some of the things in the following books. It also helped to show how the Districts dislike the game. I feel that a lot of the things that they changed made it simpler to understand without the explanations the book was able to give, which it makes sense that they would want to keep it simple in the movies.

The biggest change that I’m not sure I like was Cato’s speech at the end, right before he died. Personally, I thought that the way he died in the books was very powerful, slowly being torn apart by the Mutts (who were scary but didn’t have the eyes). I do think Cato’s speech was good, about how he realized it was really all about death but at the same time I liked in the book that Cato had been so manipulated by the Capitol that he didn’t seem to realize the truth.

As a last note, I think all of the cast was spot on, even Lenny Kravitz who I was weary of at first did a great job. I’ll definitely be at the midnight premier of Catching Fire.