The Fan.

I would like to say I am a fan of science fiction, and I have enjoyed everything I have read/watched in the SF genre, but I don’t know if I would be considered a fan. I say this because I don’t think I have been exposed to enough material or know as many characters, series or shows.

To me, being a fan is knowing more about that topic than the average person.¬† A person can be a SF fan because once you know more about the world of SF than most other people do, and of course enjoy it fully, you are a fan. I could say I am a fan of more individual things like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, because I probably know too much about each. I think that I could call myself a quasi-fan because I have just skimmed the top of science fiction and I most likely only¬† more than the average person does about science fiction. Once I’ve exposed myself to more, I can call myself a fan.

Being a fan of something can really connect you to people too. I know that whenever I meet someone who is a fan of the same things I am, it’s almost like insta-best friends because you have that connection of loving that same things. One of my friends hasn’t read the Harry Potter series, and I constantly tell her to read it because I want to be able to share an amazing world with her.

To go to fandoms is a different story. In my research on Wikipedia it says the SF fandom is a more active participation of being a fan. For example going to conventions, dressing for the conventions, and being involved in certain clubs. I don’t know why anyone would make fun of this, because it means that you are passionate about something and feel connected with people also in that fandom.

Gamers are a whole different kind of fan/fandom, because in games you are the main character, and you make decisions for them and guide them through quests and missions to reach your ultimate goal. It is a constantly active fan, which is addicting. But just like any other fan, they are passionate about something and thrive when they are engaging in a video game. My roommate is a huge gamer, and keeps up with upcoming games, buys most game systems (even though his relatively new Nintendo 3DS is just sitting in his car), and would definitely rather stay in and play some Starcraft than go out. Some see it as a waste of time, but when you are doing something you enjoy, is it a waste of time? I would say I’m a huge fan of TV, and many people would view watching television as a waste of time, but I have never thought of my time watching a show as a waste, not even once.

Being a fan of something is kind of a commitment, but it comes easily, you don’t really realize it, and it is fun. If someone isn’t a fan of at least one thing, they should be.

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