Journal 9-10: Fans? No one here but Chickens?

I would call myself a fan of science fiction, inasmuch as I find myself a fan of any given genre.  It is strange to note how similar fans of various genres or mediums will be–there’s a strange overlap between fans of science fiction, fantasy, anime, comics, and so on–they often tend to act about the same when placed within the context of a spectrum of behavior.  It isn’t even a level of obsession or perhaps dedication to the fandom that causes the extreme behavior that fandoms seem infamous for and often lampooned for–the fanboys and fangirls that are generally reviled by those who are not among their number.

However, I don’t see any reason why one would need to be ashamed of one’s interests.  Perhaps they are not always to be advertised–for a long time (and the attitude still exists) being a fan of anime, for example, was inextricably linked to sexuality and violence.  Science fiction, in a similar way, is often linked with immaturity or a lack of literary value (although that attitude, too, is becoming less common).  However, there is no need for shame amongst the fan community.  As long as one doesn’t commit acts one is morally opposed to in the name of fandom, it is just the same as any other interest–if dressing up like a Star Trek character is what you do on a weekend, is it any worse or more embarrassing than some of the things that some people do at wild parties?  All people will have interests of their own, and they all spend their free time in their own ways.  Society has somehow labeled some of these interests as more socially acceptable, such as sports, or fashion, but in the end, it is about as practically applicable and interesting to the outsider when one is able to quote a favorite baseball player’s batting average as when I can cite the top speed of a TIE Fighter (omitted because, as I said, it’s not very interesting to most people).  There is no reason to be any more ashamed of such knowledge or interest–it’s part of one’s identity.

–Clemon Yueh

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    Gaming and SF-overlap, differences?