Journal 9-10

As far as fandoms are concerned, I think that many people view them as “weird” or frequently associate the people in them with the word geek. I think that if I was accused of being a member of the Science Fiction fandom I would be offended. I mean, I am a fan but I am in no way a member of the fandom.

When I think of a hardcore fan think more of someone who goes to cons and dressing up – having made costumes that correspond with their favorite show or galaxy. I think of people who cosplay and have Star Trek themed wedding. They know more about these made up worlds then I probably know about my own. One time I watched a special on tv about Star Wars where they talked about the fandom. Some of the ways that people incorporated Star Wars into every part of their life was crazy, in my opinion. Knowing that people could love some fantasy so much is incredible. Here’s a link to a website that has a list of the Top 10 Components of a Star Wars wedding.

I personally don’t think I fall into any of these categories. I don’t subscribe or consider myself a member of any Science Fiction fandom community. The one thing that I would be the biggest fan of would be Harry Potter (yes, I know, very original). And with that I have a sweater I call my Slytherin sweater because it is grey and green. I also have a small tattoo on my wrist. But that’s it, other than going to see the movies in theaters I have not participated in any themed events.

I do understand how these fandoms have come about though. Science fiction/ speculative fiction presents many intriguing worlds that are unlike our own. By pretending to live in these alternate worlds you can escape your own. You can also be someone completely different. Science fiction story lines usually have a hero or characters that people wish they could be more like. Through cosplay and such people can transform themselves into someone they never thought they could be.

Personally, that’s the part I love about reading Speculative Fiction. It transports you to a different world, a refuge from your own life. Being a part of the fandom expands the feeling you get of reading and being a part of another world into a bit of real life.

The internet has clearly helped with this as well. On the internet you can be anyone you want to be, including an alien from outerspace or a warrior princess. They allow people to not always have to meet up in real life, like at cons. This means you can act out your fantasy world at any time.


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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    A tattoo, but you wouldn’t go to LeakyCon (for Harry Potter), eh?