I’m definitely part of fandom. Many of them, actually. Ever since I was a kid I rewrote stories with my own ‘better’ endings, and as soon as I was able, I made an account on mugglenet and harrypotterhaven. I was a scifi kid from the earliest of ages. My dad told me UFO stories at bedtime, I grew up on cartoons like “Biker Mice from Mars” and as a high schooler, watched my way through Firefly, Serenity, and every movie with laser guns that I could get my paws on. I’ve considered myself a fan forever, and unlike a lot of people who never considered WHY they were part of a fandom, I know exactly what drew me in. It wasn’t quite the escapism; I never pretended nor hoped that what I read about and watched was or would one day be real. Though it was a fun way to pass the hour, it was more about the passion of the creators and collaborators. Especially with a show. A book is mostly a one-man operation, though it might have a supporting cast of editors and publishers and such. The author is the star. With a television show, like Supernatural, which is mostly fantasy and, well, supernatural/speculative, there’s a HUGE cast and crew, team of writers and producers and directors… a huge creative maelstrom. Being part of fandom lets you sort of recreate that. I was a BNF in the How I Met Your Mother fandom for a while, or at least, I like to think I was. I played in and helped run the HIMYM RPG, I was on staff for and a recipient of our annual Legendary Awards for excellency in fanart, including fanfiction, vids, playlists. It’s a huge creative outlet, and it’s not a solo flight.


What causes this passion, this collaboration? I’m not sure. I mean, think about those old renaissance salons, where people got together to wax philosophical or read poetry. Isn’t this the modern take on it? Of course, we’re discussing and debating whether the robot is a metaphor for true love on a 20 minute sitcom, but the modern variation is on a theme that’s centuries old.  I’m pretty glad to be a part of it.

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    UFO stories at bedtime? Of course….