I’m Not A Hater, I’m A Fangirl!!

Science fiction is my favorite genre. I have seen every episode of Doctor Who, all of Star Trek (both the original and next generation, and am most of the way through DS9 and Voyager. I am definitely a geek over Firefly, Star Wars, and almost any other science fiction story.

My brother and I have had a few discussions on the quantum possibilities behind the technology of Star Trek. I have noticed that in these arguments, our voices get raised when our opinions differ. We get passionate about warp drive and parallel universes, neither of which are real. I know that it does not seem important, but to us it is.

Fans across the world are the same way. As Linus says in the 2009 movie Fanboys, “I care [about Star Wars]!!” We all care about these fictional worlds because they give us a release from our own lives. Fans watch science fiction stories, and pretend that they are a part of them. I have met Star Trek fans that dress up in uniform and give themselves ranks as if they were actually members of Starfleet. My brother and I used to have conversations in Klingon about anything we didn’t want our parents knowing about, and we learned it from a fan-written book that translated English to Klingon. When we were kids, it was a way for us to imagine being in a world full of adventure and excitement. As we grew older, and our lives grew harder, it was an escape into a world where we were the heroes. In our own (pretend) starship, I was Lieutenant Commander Mary (we used first names because we shared a last name), in charge of engineering. My eldest brother was the Captain, and my second-eldest brother was Chief of Security. Together, we fought Romulans, negotiated a peace treaty with the Klingons, and gave the Cardassians what-for. Those were the days…

But I digress. The point is, fans are fanatics to imagine themselves as the heroes of the action. Believing adds excitement to an otherwise humdrum life. It is not only true for Star Trek fans; Fanboys, the movie I mentioned above, is about hardcore Star Wars fans. Most of my friends are hardcore fans of Firefly, and, also as mentioned above, I have seen every episode of Doctor Who. Every science fiction story has its die hard fans, and I only have one thing to say to them all:

Live long, and prosper.”

2 Responses to “I’m Not A Hater, I’m A Fangirl!!”

  1. Robin Goodfellow says:

    Is that not enough? To be a part of something bigger than ourselves, with the coolness of exclusivity and the respect of our fellow fans (be they trekkies, browncoats, children of time, etc.)? It’s the same kind of bond I feel in the military, that keeps soldiers so close to each other. Wouldn’t you go to many lengths for that kind of fraternity?

  2. Warren Rochelle says:

    Is it just “a release from our own lives” that inspires such passion?