Journal 9 & 10: SF/fantasy fandom

I do consider myself a SF fan, but more now than I have been over the past few years. I began as a horror fan, which I am still entirely true to, and then became a fantasy fan in high school (thank you Tolkien), but I found it very hard to get into the science fiction realm. However, I have always appreciated the SF genre.
An avid science fiction fan has a completely different “fandom” than that of romance or western fans, and sometimes it’s close relations horror and fantasy. A lot has to be understood about the SF genre in order to appreciate it. Some of the particulars of SF themes are not accepted by everyone, like “first contact” and especially evolution. Working at a library, I know SF is considered to be low on the genre pole, based on the number of SF books I see checked in an out. I’ve even had a discussion with my boss before about how only a handful of individuals (the same individuals) usually come in and check out the SF paperbacks. The “newness” of the physicality of the books themselves, is a little disappointing.
For example, a true SF fan, checks out these books religiously, taking on the challenge of reading all thirty books in one series. Much like mystery and fantasy readers, readers of the genres may live in these worlds to remove themselves from the reality of daily life, or just for entertainment, whether it is with others or alone.
Although it seems like one must be a dedicated follower of SF to understand the genre, that notion seems to be branching out, especially over the past twenty or so years. The movie industry has caused an uproar in producing SF and fantasy movies, especially geared toward the young adult generation. Something else I have picked up working in the library is realizing how many young adult novels are solely based on science fiction, fantasy, and horror themes. “Twilight” seemed to be the foundation for this, while “The Hunger Games” follows right behind it.
As for being embarrassed for declaring that I am a SF fan – there is none. I have always associated myself with the genre, as well as horror and fantasy, and nothing else (other than classics, but that is limited as well).  I’m pleased I took the class, and am very happy I learned how to appreciate the SF genre even more.

One Response to “Journal 9 & 10: SF/fantasy fandom”

  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    I do hope you will keep writing your horror/fantasy stories as well. How much do the different genres overlap, do you think? I wonder if western fans might find more in common with SF than they might think (besides Cowboys and Aliens, I mean).