Journal 9-10

I would definitely consider myself to be a Science Fiction fan, and feel no need to die to avoid being labeled as such. The title of Science Fiction fan, much like that of any other cultural group, encompasses a wide spectrum of fans of varying degrees of “fan-ness”. This of course can range from a person who enjoys the Science Fiction film genre to those who live their very lives in costume day to day.

I would have to attribute the start of my fandom to my father, who has been an avid Science Fiction fan throughout his whole life, keeping up with books, movies, and games alike. So from a very early age I was engaged in such forms of Science Fiction media, especially movies and video games. I believe due to my love of Science Fiction, and most video games having to do with Science Fiction (especially first person shooters), that my love and fandom of gaming evolved. While I love Science Fiction movie and eventually loved to read the genre, games have always been my passion. I think that if I had the opportunity to either go to a Science Fiction convention or BlizzCon, it would definitely have to be BlizzCon. In fact, going to BlizzCon is on my bucket list, and if I go, I am most likely going to make a costume for it as well, just to get a taste of true, full fandom from the opposite end of the spectrum.

I feel video games help bring in great Science Fiction stories in a much different light and means of delivery. First, fans would get imagine the worlds and possibly them residing within them, then with film they were able to visualize and “see” the events play out as if they were current events, but finally with video games, the gamer gets to actually live the story. The story; be it a new arc of which sequel games would arise, but also possibly books, games and even movies, or one that came from preexisting novels or movies, would allow for Science Fiction fans to finally be more a part of their favorite worlds than ever before.

So, from a very early age I have been playing the games most of all. I had beat the original Doom and Quake games at age 6, something I now look back at and am surprised I was allowed to play. This sort of engrained the first person shooter gametype in my head, where the only SciFi I would encounter was in FPS. I began to explore other games such as Real Time Strategy and Hack’n’Slash as other means of getting a SciFi story out of gameplay. This is where my devotion to Blizzard began, and I would continue to play all of the games in their three most profitable story lines, Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. While these are three separate game lines, they each have such  rich and deep story lines, with endless lore and canon, books and games not of the video persuasion.

I would definitely say that being a gamer can be very much like being a SciFi fan in many ways, as well as a Fantasy fan. If there is enough of a back story, then video games can be as enthralling as a movie or book, often as previously mentioned getting made into movies or books.

WarCraft, Diablo, StarCraft

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t attend a con here in Virginia at this point!

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