Extra Credit-1

Kat Tarr

Hunger Games Review

I saw the Hunger Games on the midnight premier. I had read all the books and knew, generally, what to expect. The Hunger Games is a distopian world in which America is split up into (originally 13 districts) 12 districts in which two children, male and female between the ages of 12-18 are sent to the “Hunger Games”. The games happen in the Capital and the children are forced to fight to the death with only one survivor. The games are horribly idealized and played up by the society’s media and the “tributes” are forced to play to the public favor to get funding for the games.

The movie is Science Fiction based on a number of different elements, advanced technology, genetically altered animals, and the storyline itself is an alternate future story (I think). All of these elements are well known to the science fiction genre and support that the Hunger Games is science fiction.

The movie and books, since the movie followed the books fairly well, are a strong social commentary about governments and the media. The story plays around with the hype we put around ‘reality tv’ and how people are used for entertainment purposes. The fact that it’s a government sanctioned ‘reality tv’ show that the people are forced to watch only drives the point home on how truly terrible our willingness to watch things can be; how strong the media can spin things to make us support it.

Overall the movie was good, as was the acting. The most trouble I had with it was the cinematography made me motion sick. The shaky camera and sometimes blurred views only made me nauseous. The plot was somewhat plausible. I can’t think of people willingly letting their children get taken away from them so many times (it’s the 74th or 75th Hunger Games); though the capital was pretty powerful looking in comparison. Over all it was a good movie and worth the watch if people can handle the shaky camera.

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