Speculative Fiction: A Community And A Psychic Cushion

I am and will always be a science fiction and speculative fiction fan.  However, I will be the first to admit that I am not an extreme speculative fiction fan because I rarely get invovled with the speculative fiction community.  There is a large community of SF fans that gather at conventions and stay active online, whether they are writing speculative fiction (their own or fan-fiction) or engaging in discussions with others about the various stories and universes that are being created.  So much of our media revolves around speculative fiction; television shows, movies, and books make up the majority of speculative fiction (I have seen fantasy plays, but I never seen a science fiction play.  It would be an amazing experience).  Speculative fiction has become the mythology of our generation because there are so many people engaging in SF stories, and those stories are an appraisal or a critique of the culture we live in now.

With the invention of the internet, and especially with the recent increase in availability, the speculative fiction community has grown tremendously.  There are websites for people post strictly fan-fiction, there are websites for people to discuss recent SF movies, there are websites to learn and view the SF classics, and there are many more websites that enhance and further the creation and the understanding of speculative fiction today.  for example, one website that brings SF fans together to communicate in a virtual space is myouterspace.com.  While this website has recently come to my attention, I can already tell that it is a website for harnessing the Sf fan in us all.  It looks to me that once you register with the website you will be able to join and become a citizen of a planet.  there are six planets that one has the option to choose from, each paying particular attention to a specific area of expertise.  For instance, I would most likely join the planet “Creatia” because it is a planet for writers, directors and producers, and I believe that my best talent in SF (besides reading it) is in writing stories.  Other planets showcase other talents like graphic design or actors, and one of the best parts of the website is that it allows everyone to interact and comunicate with each other.  If someone is writing a screenplay for a SF film they can contact the planet that has actors and see if anyone would be interested in working on the film.  This website is a good example of the level of interactivity within the SF community.

If someone accused me of being a SF fan with an intent to hurt me, I would feel really bad for them.  I would feel bead because I would be sorry that they were unable to engage in the type of free thinking and imagination that I engage in.  I would most likely point out that whoever accused me of being a SF fan is probably one as well (I don’t think they could honestly tell me that they find all speculative fiction repulsive because speculative fiction is a part of our culture).  I also think that part of the reason why people become so invested in speculative fiction is because it is an escape.  It is a world that has its own rules, and it is a generally safe community.  With all of these factors people look to speculative fiction as a place where they can not only grow as an individual, but where they can also engage in real world issues through a new perspective.  Speculative fiction has a place in our culture that will not die because, similar to all mythologies, speculative fiction is our psychic cushion.

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    Essay 2?

  2. Warren Rochelle says:

    Good post, well said. I did see a retelling of The Merchant of Venice as The Merchant of Venus. Very interesting.