I’m most definitely a science fiction fan. I’m not a MASSIVE fan of science fiction though. I still love fantasy, historical settings, and other types of literature. But in terms of things that I read out of pleasure, science fiction and fantasy rank pretty darn high. Recently I’ve gotten back into comics too (Batman, The Flash and Spiderman, if anyone’s curious) after a friend of mine took me along to the comic store off of Route 1. I also play my fair share of video games with science fiction elements. I just beat Mass Effect 3, I loved Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and futuristic shooting games like Metroid Prime are always cool.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fandom in and of itself. If you like something, why suppress your interests? My only problem is when people like something so much that they shove it down eachother’s throats. That’s kind of problematic. I had a particularly jarring experience of this kind in freshman year. Throughout the year, my friends CONTINUALLY championed Dr. Who and Firefly as “the-best-things-ever-how-have-you-not-watched-all-of-the-episodes-and-how-do-you-not-know-all-of-the-doctors-and-how-can-you-not-like-firely?!” It got tiring really quick. I still haven’t seen a single episode of Dr. Who or Firefly, and I don’t particularly want to, because I’ve just got a bad taste in my mouth regarding the series.

I don’t think being a fan of science fiction is a destructive thing, though. It’s easy to see why so many people love science fiction. Whatever our hobbies are, we do them as an escape and for personal enjoyment. It’s particularly easy to enjoy something of a fantastic and futuristic nature when practicing some escapist ideals. On that note, to me it’s always refreshing to see an author really describe in a large amount of detail what life is like in a science fiction setting. Do you watch holograms all night? Why not go into a virtual reality tank? Or fly your jet-bike?

Science fiction also allows for authors to just go and have fun. In my opinion, some of the driest and most boring literature is Victorian Fiction. Jane Eyre bored me to tears. It’s cool to see people battle with lightsabers, use magnificent machines, or travel to new dimensions! Reading the same old story about how life sucked and cholera was kind of a bigger thing back then gets REALLY old, really fast. There’s just so much more room to develop ideas in science fiction than in that period. Victorian fiction was just an example though: my point is that there are limits to some historical fiction, but science fiction is seemingly limitless.

Another thing I like about Science Fiction is that it expands on universes that fans love. I’m a huge star wars fan. If I didn’t know about all the expanded mythologies presented in the different novels and games (The Darth Bane trilogy is EXCELLENT, by the way), I would be a very sad Nico. Very sad. I’d probably resort to selling hot dogs on the side of the road. How pedestrian.

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