Oh Sweet Alternate Dimensions

When sitting down and deliberating the facts and options between being able to live on either the Neanderthal Earth or Anarres, the decision must be made from a purely alien point of view, as obviously having been born within the respective societies would leave you conditioned to believe that one were possibly better than the other.

While the ways of the Anarresti have their obvious appeals when contrasted against those of the Urasti or of our own “terran” societies, in particular the American one, I believe that I would prefer to live in the Neanderthal dimension, rather than our own, of course keeping in mind that I would be born of their genetic code rather than of “gliksin.”

At the risk of sounding a little too National Socialistic, I believe that if there is any hope for us as a species and hope for the earth to continue its amazing ability to sustain life (and possibly the only planet which could do so), there needs to be some extreme genetic control exerted upon our population. I only speak of this because as we have evolved, we have broken the boundaries that the natural course of evolution has set for us. Natural selection is meant to leave only those who will pass on genes highly beneficial to us as a species, while the undesirable traits are not passed on and are easily forgotten.

With how we have evolved, through larger and larger societies and civilizations, agriculture and medicine, we are able to sustain a much larger quantity of our species than the earth had ever intended through natural means, not to mention our lengthened life spans that can leave a single human on the earth for up to 100 years, while droves of new ones are born every single day. The Neanderthals have a way of getting around such issues, maybe not the best means of doing so but at least a valiant effort at populace and genetic control. Through the use of defined mating years, new generations are only added every 10 years.  This keeps the population at bay, but perhaps also does not allow for enough genetic drift to allow for new genetically manifested possibilities within their populations. Also through the use of their castration, they prevent those who commit heinous crimes from continuing their genetic lines and traits. While this seems like a novel punishment for criminals that commit acts such as rape, murder, assault etc., to allow for it to extend to other crimes such as stealing may possibly be taking it too far. The genetic propensity for one to steal may be grounded in a need to take care of one’s family, if let’s say the crime was committed to steal food or money for familial support.  And on top of that, the extension of the castration to those who share 50% of your DNA seems a little extreme as well. I believe people should be judged only by the crimes that they commit, and not those of any others.

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    Does the fact that the Neanderthals are a more peaceful society as a result of their drastic solution matter?