Anarres and Neanderthal Earth are similar is the sense that they both don’t have war: are peaceful.  But Anarres has a great deal of gender equality: women and men are given the same opportunities and have the same expectations.  Neanderthal Earth implements gender segregation, except for the times when women and men come together to mate.  Men are considered superior to the women in that sense… Women are left with the children in their segregated community where they get to share the same menstrual cycle and deal with one another’s “PMS” while the men maintain their separate lives working whichever job they choose.

I think I would choose Anarres over Neanderthal Earth because of the gender equality.  I don’t much get along with other women for a number of reasons and would most likely kill them all if encouraged to only associate with them for the most part.  I like that in both books the characters can pursue hetero or homosexual relationships.  However, on Neanderthal Earth a person is almost encouraged to have a hetero relationship for mating purposes as well as a same-sex mate for company purposes.  The segregation is just a curious phenomenon to me.

Also, I like the fact that the parents on Anarres can choose whether or not to maintain relationships with their children… I think any parent has moments when they want to drop their kids off at some facility.

However, the lack of privacy on Neanderthal Earth is intriguing because I think it does eliminate some of the threats exhibited on our dimension Earth.  And punishing the few criminals there are by rendering them, and those genetically close to them, sterile = mindblowing.  While on Anarres a lack of privacy isn’t necessary because the sense of community also omits crimes.

Ultimately, I think Anarres is the better choice but Neanderthal Earth does propose a number of interesting possible aspects of society.

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