Look, I really like megafauna, okay?

I was mesmerized by the Earth in Hominids, much more so than by Anarres in The Dispossessed. The landscape, the people, even the judicial system was fascinating to me. Yes, a man was almost wrongfully accused of murder, but I think that had more to do with a woman’s personal vendetta than the system itself. I admired the logic with which most members of the Neanderthals made their decisions – I think our world could use a heavy dose of logic, along with the Neanderthal’s high value placed on life.
Mary’s musings on a world where there is practically no violence, and assured justice if a crime is committed are similar to thoughts running through my head. Being afraid is not something I cherish or wish to be, but I feel like I must be at least a little afraid in order to protect myself as a woman. Playful wrestling with male friends of mine have proved that no matter how strong I am “for a girl,” I am still easily defeated in a tickle war by a man, and that would turn out much worse for me if it was in an alley late at night. I’m not saying all women should or do feel this way; it’s just true for me.
On a lighter note, the Earth in Hominids has megafauna! I think it would be amazing to see huge mastodons running around. Anarresti wildlife (ie nothing) pales in comparison.
The idea of privacy, or rather the lack of it, came up in class. I actually thought the Alibi Archive was pretty cool – but maybe that’s because I’m not a murderer or a pedophile. Before I read the book, the Companion sounded like something that was monitored constantly, like people watching you all the time. But in the book, it’s just a personal log that no one sees unless it is absolutely necessary. They do value privacy, just not to the extreme that we do. Besides, I don’t think murderers and pedophiles deserve any privacy at all, so bring on the Companions.

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