Leaving on a space plane.

I really struggled with the choice between Anarres and the Neandertal utopia. Neither of them seems like a good choice considering my personality and the fact that I value my freedom to go where and study what I please. On the Neandertal world, the major issue for me is sterilization of whole families due to crimes commited by some. I’m not actually bothered by the lack of privacy; if everyone knows everything, what is there to be ashamed of? There’s less of an idea of the taboo and the closeted; as long as people aren’t doing anything unethical (like committing a crime against a minor, for example) they have nothing to be ashamed of. Anarres isn’t quite as bad as Urres in terms of rigidity of gender roles, but it does put a huge emphasis on group-learning and community rather than individuality. I would love to be able to pursue my own goals, which I feel would be looked down upon and stigmatized on Anarres. The barren terrain is also a point against Anarres’s favour. At least the Neandertal homeworld has a lush, unhampered ecology. I would love to see what mammoths and passenger pigeons are like, for example. It would be a visually interesting environment. I wonder if I would be accepted amongst the Neandertal women, assuming that I were to move to the homeworld as I am now and not as a Neandertal. I wonder what their opinion of human beings is; they possibly would consider me an outsider completely unsuited for life on their planet. Hopefully they would allow me to integrate into their society, or life could be very lonely. I think I’d have an easier time fitting in on Anarres; though it’s an alien planet and not a parallel earth, the society is set up in a way that is more familiar to me, what with the genders being allowed to mingle. The Neandertal world would be a huge shock to my system and possibly to theirs. I think that Anarres would provide a more comfortable home, though I’d probably get into quite a few arguments over my ‘egoizing’ nature.

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