Russian Emigration

I just stumbled across this article from November about droves of Russians emigrating out of their country, where many have finally become sick and tired of the state of their country and its corrupt government. The following paragraphs just sort of jumped out at me, as a Russian physicist speaks of his reasoning for leaving his home for better opportunities, almost perfectly mirroring what Shevek would have to say about his home world Anarres and the opportunities on Urras.

Russian nuclear physicist Vladimir Alimov, who now works at the University of Toyama in Japan, said he couldn’t survive on the $450 monthly salary of a senior researcher at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“Yes, I miss Russia, but as a scientist I couldn’t work there with the ancient equipment which had not been replaced or upgraded since the Soviet times,” Alimov, 60, said in a phone interview. “Here in Japan, I have fantastic work conditions. I can do the work I enjoy and be appreciated and valued for it, everything I couldn’t even dream of back in Russia.”

I thought I would share that with everyone to just enlighten the possibilities of present day ambiguous Utopias.

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    Thanks for sharing this. But Shevek goes home…