Kat Tarr

Journal 4


I would have to choose Urras to live on if I had to choose one. I don’t think I could handle living on Anarres. The distinct differences between Earth and Anarres might be too much for me to handle. Between the landscape and the vastly different way the people there live, I would be in a major culture shock. I love mountains, trees, and lakes on earth, just as Urras has. Anarres, being little more than a desert with some settlements, would be a bit too much for me to handle in comparison to Earth. Urrasti have an interest in protecting their environment at least. They have taken care of their planet and care enough to take care their natural resources.

I might not agree with many Urras practices; the government, or the way women are treated or what they wear, I would have a better idea of what is expected of me. They have a capitalist society that sounds very similar to what we have here in America. I would be able to figure out how to live there a bit easier than on Anarres; the concept of no government would be completely alien to me.

While Anarres sounds amazing, with gender equality and more freedoms than even we have (no laws), I don’t think I could actually grasp the concept in practice if I was suddenly forced onto the moon. I don’t really agree with the pressures that society puts on the individual in Anarres either, while it’s better than laws in some respects, there’s no protection for people that break the society’s norms. There are no laws at all, which would leave people—like Shevek’s daughter or Tavek without any rights. I can’t say I know if Urras has that, but they have the ability to change; albeit slowly I’d imagine.


2 Responses to “Urras?”

  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    You wouldn’t be allowed to have a higher education in A-Io.

  2. Warren Rochelle says:

    Of course Takver and her daughters have rights. If we didn’t believe in certain things as being right or a right, then the laws wouldn’t exist.