If given the choice between Urras and Anarres,  I would gladly choose to live on Anarres. It might not be the perfect utopia, but in my opinion it is much closer to an ideal world than Urras. I think that a world where everyone is equal but not a lush society is better than a capitalist society full of inequality.

Anarres is a world where possessions have little value and I have grown to believe that in our society the things we own are more important than the things we do. I’ve never lived in a society like the one on Anarres, but our world is so much like Urras that I know I would not like to live there. Living on Anarres would at least be a change. It would probably be hard, switching from the life I live to one on Anarres. Going from having a lot of things to sharing everything and having very little would be a major shock. I think that would be the biggest drawback to living on Anarres, the culture shock of moving there. It is hard to move from the society that you have been born and raised in to a completely different one.

I also really like the way that women are treated on Anarres in comparison to men, that they are equals unlike on Urras. This especially applies to career and child rearing. A woman takes no more responsibility for a child than a man does, and if she doesn’t want to spend her life taking care of the child she doesn’t have to. A woman is just as able to pursue her chosen career as a man is, and it does not seem that they favor one gender over the other.

Another downside to living on Anarres would be it’s harsh climate. I really enjoy the forests and mountains that are found here on Earth. The harsh climate also leads to food shortages on Anarres, which make living there unpleasant at times.

Would you miss the things of Urras?


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